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from problem to solution through collaboration

ChallengeIQ is an enterprise-level solution for open innovation. Co-designed in association with a large government agency to support workplace challenges, the solution applies advanced analytics to 'gamify' problem validation within your organisation and match published workplace challenges to academic and industry communities for collaboration.


ChallengeIQ can also be used by institutions for identifying collaboration opportunities between your institution and alumni and industry partner communities.  

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Problem Solving

Organisations can support internal innovation through the testing and validation of problems that, if solved, can lead to workforce and business improvements. ChallengeIQ allows for posting of problems (supported through fully customisable workflows to meet governance requirements). Problems are posted within an organisations internal workforce for validation prior to publication to potential collaboration communities.    

Internal 'Gamification'

Once problems have been posted within an organisations internal workforce, validation is enabled through 'gamification' - a series of internal workforce problem testing tools. This gamification process allows for verification and gauging of pervasiveness of the problem across the workforce. Equally, it is common that existing solutions already exist within the organisation.    

‚ÄčSolution Collaboration

Organisations can publish their challenges to either their own industry network (such as panel suppliers or other) and/or to selected researchers. HelixIQ supports customers with an engagement strategy based on how your organisation wishes to engage with third parties for the purpose of collaboration. 


If engagement with academic researchers is desired we are able to target experts and research groups from a global network of some 14 million academics. For industry engagement, we can support an invitation process across your supply chain to register their capabilities within the solution.  

University Collaboration

Promote your challenge to our existing academic community members or we can invite selected academics (by location, university or area of expertise) from our global academic database.

Industry Collaboration

Promote your challenge to your selected supply chain firms and allow them to register their capabilities. 

Intellectual Property Management

Organisations can manage their Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio as an optional plug-in module of the ChallengeIQ solution. This allows the organisation to record different forms of IP generated - not only arising from challenges but, more broadly, to track protection requirements, workflow approval and governance processes and publish opportunities for commercialisation with registered industry participants in different domains and market contexts.