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Capability Academies

The Capability Academy represents the next generation of online capability building for individuals and workforces. The Capability Academy puts the focus clearly on ‘job performance’ and the transformation of the organisational workforce.


This applies not only to the competencies required for performing todays’ jobs but also for ‘the job of the future’ - requiring totally redefined skills and knowledge as well as supporting the demand by employees to aid in career development.

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The future is here ... now !

Since the early-to-mid 2000’s, corporate learning has undergone fundamental disruption. The advent of the Learning Management System (LMS) with a focus on content and corporate course catalogues saw the emergence of new paradigms for learning and  has undergone further and radical disruptions since this time.


Progression into applying technology for ‘talent management’ in an attempt to support the career tracks of employees became the next step change to enabling ‘learning as an experience’.  The emergence of multi-platform, on-demand, virtual education in early 2010’s through to 24x7, real-time data-driven learning experiences of today built upon these disruptions to the users learning experience as well as to organisations in the way they support workforce development to build the competency-based workforce'. 


However, it became evident that as organisations focus on maturing their approach to workforce development (from traditional 'transactional HR' to value creation as a partner to the business), approaches to corporate L&D have lagged - simply providing more learning content (even if curated) and multiple catalogues, albeit through different delivery mediums, no longer delivers sufficient value to support individuals in skills attainment. The cusp of the next wave for digital learning is now here – the ‘Capability Academy’.

How we enable the Capability Academy

The emergence of the Capability Academy requires the delivery of redefined value propositions for both the organisations (with specific competency development needs) as well as the individual learner requiring support for lifelong learning.

Importantly, existing approaches to technology enablement for skills development were lacking and required a new integrating capability to bridge the gap between traditional HR Management and workforce planning and that of the learning management environment. The AspireIQ platform was design to bridge this gap! We deliver this new paradigm in skills management (having a combined focus on skills development and performance improvement) through configurable Capability Academies to support learning Communities-of-Practice. 


AspireIQ can be configured for three distinct user environments:

  1. Professional Academies (targeted career or professional domain of practice) and will be progressively rolled out;

  2. Organisational Academies (an enterprise solution for workforce capability transformation); and,

  3. Institutional Academies (an institutional solution for alumni communities)


Our background as educators helped us identify this new emerging new paradigm. We combined our expertise to identify 'bleeding-edge' best practices globally and worked with some of Australia’s largest private and public sector organisations to create our AspireIQ Platform. Critically, delivering our technology capability through a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) model allows us to specifically configure each Capability Academy environment to the exact needs of participants.  This provides support for developing a more capable workforce based on exact skill needs and at lower cost!