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AspireIQ is a Skills Management Platform that provides end-to-end capability to enable skills development and support workforce innovation. 

Our solution is provided under a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) model. This means that we can configure each of our user environments to interface seamlessly with each of our applications as 'plug and play' solution. Moreover we can tailor this according to the readiness and strategic intent of customers and partners.  Each solution  in the AspireIQ platform is underpinned by our sophisticated data analytics and machine learning capability meaning that individual solutions are both stand-alone as well as fully integrated across the entire platform.   


The  AspireIQ platform drives the delivery of each of our fully configurable Capability Academies for the purpose of delivering skills development that is:

  • PERSONALISED ~ specific to the skills needs of the individual and the organisation;

  • TARGETED ~ with quality professional development education from our VET and Universities partners tarted to the individuals skills needs; and, 

  • PRACTICE -BASED ~ with tools, knowledge and resources developed by leading academics based on contemporary best practice. 

Configurable Capability Academies for skills development that is targeted, personalised and practice-based

Knowledge Library

The  knowledge library contains an extensive and growing library of 'Tools' ~ academic resources taught through formal education and training. Tools are exclusively authored and curated by leading academics to ensure validity and contemporary best practice. To ensure maximum value and efficiency these are delivered with application guidance to the practitioner and, in particular, how to apply these tools in practice.

Organisations can modify existing Tools to securely include internal and proprietary templates and resources specific to the organisation and only available to users within the organisations' operating environment.


A ‘tool’ comprises a set of artefacts including, practical guides, journal articles (open licence journal articles or links to pay-to-view resources), case studies, templates, downloadable poster images and videos. 

Skills Passport

Each individual obtains their own personalised Skills Passport that is that person’s personal development record  This is entirely mobile so that It can be taken from role-to-role and job-to-job. Your Personal Skills Profile can combine multiple competency requirements (such as in connection with your current role for your current employer - as well as those competency requirements required for applicable professional membership). In addition to skills assessments for current roles, the individual can identify development requirements for future aspirational roles and use the platform to formulate a course of training to meet those goals. 

The Skills Passport also provides:

  • A permanent record of evidence of attainment through a personal Credentials Wallet (for recording badges, micro-credentials, and certificates of formal attainment) 

  • benchmarking and reporting of an individual’s competency attainment against others in the same role across their community;

  • Identify targeted professional development directly contributing to an individual’s skills gaps

Education Marketplace

Courses are promoted with our education and training marketplace. Where users have completed their Personal Skills Assessment, our advanced data matching capability means that courses are specifically targeted to the individuals' exact skills gaps and the development priorities of their employer (if applicable). Only courses from reputable VET and university partners or internal training provided by the employer organisation are suggested to the individual. Available courses span professional development courses through to award programs.


Published courses are assessed against competency frameworks that may apply to the individual (or your organisation) to identify which new competencies you will gain by undertaking a specific course.


Our advanced analytics capabilities enable the generation of sophisticated performance diagnostics across a growing range of practice 'domains'. These diagnostics aid you, your team and your organisation to identify performance risks and areas of improvement and provide levels of reporting from simple summary dashboard reports through to detailed, dynamically created, 'robo-advice' guidance reports. 


We only adopt research-validated methods from university research outcomes into our diagnostic reports to ensure validity, reliability and veracity of the underlying methods. This helps to ensure resulting guidance is based on contemporary best practice.  

Learning Communities

Users can participate in two types of learning Community ; Open Communities and Closed Communities.


Open Communities are focused around general domains of practice and are accessible (upon request) by any user. Open communities are open to any individual in support of learning engagement with peers with similar domains interests and provide discussion forums, targeted content curated by leading academics and practitioner-based toolboxes. They provide selected resources such as journal articles, case studies and videos that are curated and updated regularly. 

Closed communities are exclusive secure environment for individual organisations and our partners. 

Academic & Research Finder

This register allows you to search for academic global thought leaders in a given area of expertise as well as areas of research capability to support collaboration.


The Academic Finder is a selected and searchable register of participating academics providing a profile summary and link to their institutional profile for you to make direct contact. Search by area of expertise, geographic location or institution name.


Post a Challenge

Individual users can post a challenge - your own operational performance problem or technological challenge - to engage with academics and researchers globally to aid with solving your own (or your organisation's) problems. 

Organisations with their own Capability Academy can elect to promote their challenge to a global network of 14 million researchers and academics. This provides an enormously rich research community to issue challenges and foster collaborative R&D opportunities with the worlds leading academic thought leaders and researchers. 

Virtual Mentoring

Individuals who are part of a client organisation or a Learning Community can access our virtual mentoring solution.


You are able to select multiple mentors so for each topic of development you have the optimal mentor. Importantly, once you have completed a skills profile your development needs will be automatically highlighted against mentors who have pre-nominated their interest, expertise and experience against those themes. 

As trust is an important element in your selection of a mentor, virtual mentoring is restricted to Premium Plus subscribers or members of closed learning communities within their own organisation or partner communities.