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transforming people and organisations

Welcome to HelixIQ

HelixIQ is a technology company providing skills management and workforce innovation solutions to individuals, organisations and higher-education institutions.


We were founded by a group of industry leaders and academics from top tier universities from Australia, the United Kingdom and North America. We combine contemporary best practices in workforce skills development and the latest advances in machine learning and data analytics through AspireIQ – our Skills Management Platform.

The result is targeted and personalised Learning Communities of Practice to support lifelong learning.





At HelixIQ we believe there are five pillars needed to achieve skills and workforce transformation

Diagnosing performance via research-validated analytics

Identifying and managing skills gaps of individuals and workforces

Access to practice-based knowledge resources to improve performance

Fit-for-Purpose education targeted to the skill needs of individuals

Collaboration with peers and academics to solve problems and organisational challenges